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Is it a Bird? Is it Superman? No..it’s a Plane!

29 Feb

Great Georgia Air ShowThe Great Georgia Airshow is equally spectacular for the feats performed as for the people-watching. And to be clear (and fair) the people-watching isn’t especially, um,  special here vs at other festivals, it’s just that the nature of an air show calls for sitting still; so you get to watch the people more intently. It should be called the Great Georgia People and Airshow.

What Goes Up, Must Come DownAltimiters, Georgia Airshow, vintage planes
And evidently also get torn apart. There were tables galore with plane gear. Altimeters (I think) and other parts whose names I don’t know. I liked them for their history and because I’m drawn to anything in multiples.

Helicopters, Georgia AirshowHow’d You Learn to Fly Like That?
If you’re not impressed by the loops and formations, then you’re not human and certainly not American. I mean seriously. I get uncomfortable driving next to a car on the highway and they fly with four helicopters in alignment…. Shazzam.

Preaching to the Choir
No one needed to tell this crowd to quiet down. They were into this show. All eyes upward!

Great Georgia Air show, festival, planes, helicopters, people-watching


Souvenirs and Vintage Posters

6 Sep

Beloved readers,

There are new pages on the Americana the Beautiful blog site. This time it’s not about where I’ve gone, but what I bring home.

Souvenirs. It’s simple: a postcard from every state. But some are less than appealing to the eye, and for some states I can’t pick a winner. Please help the collection reach its full glory!

Vintage Posters of the National Parks. Sigh. National Parks…. Can we go to one right now? Sorry, where were we? Learn a bit about Americana as both art and enticement.

Take care,