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Fuzzy Dice. Need I Say More?

2 Mar

World of Wheels, hot rod How often do you actually get to use the term “hot rod” in a sentence and have it be contextually accurate? Not often. Glory be for the World of Wheels!

Here’s the scene: a convention center with all of its acoustic shrill; thousands of people speaking in a vocabulary that I don’t understand; and cars shinier than you would think is even possible. So shiny in fact, that some are on mirrored platforms so you can see their pretty underbellies.

My car does NOT have a pretty underbelly. Does yours? Didn’t think so.

Fuzzy Dice and Airbrushed T-Shirts
YESSSSS! If only I wore airbrushed items, THIS would be the place to have them made. The memories every time I wore that shirt or trucker hat…

You Spend Money Your Way, I’ll Spend it My Way
The show was truly incredible and the cars stunning. Stunning for their beauty, the amount of time spent working on them, and the amount of money invested into them. But those folks probably think I’m wackadoo for having the camera lenses I do. A hobby is a hobby, and all that matters is that it makes you happy.

This was one of the greatest outside-of-my-bubble-world experiences I’ve had.
What’s yours?

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