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Goats, Kudzu, and Rotted Wood Walk into a Bar…

5 Mar

Bick wall, hole in the wall, Goat Farm Atlanta

…there’s no punchline. Becuase there’s no joke.
Not really surprised, are you?

What’s incredible, though, is how these three come together and create compelling space. Yes, I said “compelling.”

Humans flock to the Goat Farm in industrial Atlanta for the cool, run down buildings aside the train tracks. Photo clubs (like mine) are in heaven. Funky weddings, trendy businesses, clever adjectives paired with benign nouns.

That Was Then, This Is Now
Once a cotton gin, there are 12 dilapidated buildings on the 12 acre property. Crumbling brick; facades overgrown with kudzu (the fastest growing plant in the South that’s practically un-killable); broken windows; rotted wood. Basically a dream come true…as long as you’ve had your tetanus shot.

Now it’s glory for artists, and goats. Becuase they go together like peanut butter and jelly. I didn’t know why it was called the goat farm until I actually stumbled upon some goats. That part is rather hidden despite being the namesake and all.

Americana the Beautiful
Places like this, tucked away where you don’t expect to find them, are the lore of Americana. History and production. Creativity and productivity. Turning a space inside out. It’s American. It’s Beautiful.

What spaces have you discovered – in your hometown or on the road?

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Mississippi: Highways, Farmland, and Kudzu

9 Sep

Welcome to Mississippi SignThe Magnolia State?
Not in the Delta, where I visited. I’ll have to return for a mint-julep experience.  Regardless of the landscape, the people are gracious, cordial, and charismatic.

I’m not a Farmer, but I Play one on TV
If you’re not a farmer, packer, or trucker, you’re in business to support them. Equipment and repair stores abound. As do boat-and-tackle stands for the day-off. The locals  may call on the same company for termites and insulation needs, but there’s an entire store dedicated to chain saws, another for small motor repair, and one solely for lawn mower repair. They’ve got their priorities straight.

Apparently I AM Old Enough to Be Called “Ma’am”
…even by people older than I am. I fought it at first and then succumbed. What’s a girl to do? The forces are too strong.

Rural Royalty
Some may think Elvis is King. Or even Cotton. But I’m here to tell you it’s Kudzu. Not from respect, but presence. Now John Deere, that’s a whole other regime of royalty.

What kind of experience have you had in Mississippi?
Was it similar to mine or different?
Where should I visit when I return?

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