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Goats, Kudzu, and Rotted Wood Walk into a Bar…

5 Mar

Bick wall, hole in the wall, Goat Farm Atlanta

…there’s no punchline. Becuase there’s no joke.
Not really surprised, are you?

What’s incredible, though, is how these three come together and create compelling space. Yes, I said “compelling.”

Humans flock to the Goat Farm in industrial Atlanta for the cool, run down buildings aside the train tracks. Photo clubs (like mine) are in heaven. Funky weddings, trendy businesses, clever adjectives paired with benign nouns.

That Was Then, This Is Now
Once a cotton gin, there are 12 dilapidated buildings on the 12 acre property. Crumbling brick; facades overgrown with kudzu (the fastest growing plant in the South that’s practically un-killable); broken windows; rotted wood. Basically a dream come true…as long as you’ve had your tetanus shot.

Now it’s glory for artists, and goats. Becuase they go together like peanut butter and jelly. I didn’t know why it was called the goat farm until I actually stumbled upon some goats. That part is rather hidden despite being the namesake and all.

Americana the Beautiful
Places like this, tucked away where you don’t expect to find them, are the lore of Americana. History and production. Creativity and productivity. Turning a space inside out. It’s American. It’s Beautiful.

What spaces have you discovered – in your hometown or on the road?

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Is it a Bird? Is it Superman? No..it’s a Plane!

29 Feb

Great Georgia Air ShowThe Great Georgia Airshow is equally spectacular for the feats performed as for the people-watching. And to be clear (and fair) the people-watching isn’t especially, um,  special here vs at other festivals, it’s just that the nature of an air show calls for sitting still; so you get to watch the people more intently. It should be called the Great Georgia People and Airshow.

What Goes Up, Must Come DownAltimiters, Georgia Airshow, vintage planes
And evidently also get torn apart. There were tables galore with plane gear. Altimeters (I think) and other parts whose names I don’t know. I liked them for their history and because I’m drawn to anything in multiples.

Helicopters, Georgia AirshowHow’d You Learn to Fly Like That?
If you’re not impressed by the loops and formations, then you’re not human and certainly not American. I mean seriously. I get uncomfortable driving next to a car on the highway and they fly with four helicopters in alignment…. Shazzam.

Preaching to the Choir
No one needed to tell this crowd to quiet down. They were into this show. All eyes upward!

Great Georgia Air show, festival, planes, helicopters, people-watching

City Girl Takes to the…City

20 Feb

Fairlie Poplar photo walk, Atlanta, iron awning, architecture, photographySometimes the only escape you need is from the house. Same city, practically same neighborhood, but with a whole new perspective.

The photo club took a walk through a downtown neighborhood, the Fairlie Poplar district of Atlanta. Looking at architecture, street flotsam and jetsam, and people’s interaction with space.

We ran across a chess game in the park, abandoned buildings, reflections in glass and of Atlanta’s growth.

There were photo walks around the world on this same weekend: 1,118 of them!

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A Road Trip to See…Cars?

15 Feb

Old Car City, White GA, rusted cars, junkyardThe photo club took a field and trip and what a wonderful one it was! Old Car City in White, GA is home to acres of rusted cars and car parts, with trees and vines growing over and through them. Pollen that stuck to the windows left patterns once it was washed away by rain. Details and the whole. Both so compelling.

We know I have a thing for rust. Not sure why…

Are junkyards particularly American? We certainly find them fascinating–they’re the stuff of lore with ferocious dogs. And now tv shows abound. Perhaps it’s the possibility of a find. The reality that one girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure (a friend used to throw a dating party in our 20’s with that name: bring a guy you aren’t dating and hope to find someone else’s platonic friend attractive to you!).

Want to go yourself? Call ahead. We had to arrange a time and paid a $10 fee. Does everyone have to do that or only sucker photographers who will do anything for rust and dappled light?

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Cemeteries: History and Mystery

4 Nov

Crosses at Oakland Cemetery AtlantaA tour at the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta is an opportunity to roam among towering trees, sculpted marble, and cobblestone pathways. Over 70,000 souls are buried here and tour guides quickly disclaim that you won’t see them all in a single visit.

You do see the symbolism, the love, the humor.

Graves of some are positioned facing the entrance to watch all who come to call, while city leaders are angled to oversee the growth of the metropolis.

Famous folks include golfer Bobby Jones and author of (my favorite book) Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell. And of course Civil War tales abound.

I’ve been to Oakland before; been on the tour in fact, and it’s worth multiple visits. A different guide introduces you to something new. And as long you pay respect to the space, an historic cemetery is a wonderful way to learn about the lore and history of any city, but I happen to think it’s most compelling for where you live.

Where do you go to learn about a place?

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Wild Horses: Isn’t it Romantic?

10 Oct

Wild Horses on Cumberland IslandCumberland Island, the topic of prior posts,  is home to wild horses. Yes, wild horses. You’re hanging out and so are they. It took my breath away. And I thanked them for their time.

Roughly 150 feral horses call this home, and they have quite the homestead: rumored to have been here since the 16th century.

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Feeling like Gulliver among Fiddler Crabs

7 Oct

Fiddler CrabsA stroll along Cumberland Island (revisit this magical place in a prior post) brought the discovery of thousands of fiddler crabs.

My delight at their number and the desire to look closer made them scurry. Which was not the intended result. It made me feel like Gulliver and the Lilliputians. Or simply, an adult human and fiddler crabs.

Have you had the experience of feeling like a giant?

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