A Vacation State of Mind

13 Feb

When you pull over the car–urgently–to spend 20 minutes getting pictures of tall grasses, you’re on vacation with me. Yup, I know how to live it up. Rise with the sun, in bed (sleeping bag) not much later than its descent, and collective hours taking pictures of, well, plants.

Ahh, vacation.


There’s no timeline other than what the sun informs; no obligations other than to yourself; and freedom to enjoy whatever catches your fancy. To me, at the Outer Banks of NC, I couldn’t get enough of the plant life. Sea oats, marsh grass, bulrush.

What’s an obsession (photographic or otherwise) that overcame you on vacation?

Can’t see the slideshow? Click here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One Response to “A Vacation State of Mind”


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    […] the car! I’ve GOT to take pictures of those sea oats. Take a look and you’ll see […]

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