Vermont: Where the State Beverage is Milk

2 Jan

Cows and barn in VermontFirst of all, I didn’t know there were state beverages. Did you?

Secondly, to have milk as your state beverage…Bad. Ass.

Thirdly, milk gets around. It’s the state beverage for 19 states. Rhode Island has “coffee milk”–is that creamer?

Fourthly, with 18 other states claiming milk, Vermont is no longer quite so badass.

Fifthly (is that a word?), my home state of Georgia does not have a beverage. Sad. What’s your state beverage?

The Green Mountain State
Vermont is the least populated state, but is the leading producer of maple syrup in America. And let me tell you, that maple syrup is de-lish.

Now here’s a bit of a brain twister. No other state has a largest city that’s as small as Burlington, or a capital as small as Montpelier. I would have thought Montana or Idaho would be in the running for this claim, but nope, it’s tree-laden Vermont.

In Context of New England
The roads feel narrower. Are they?

The mountains are now in the vista, and in comparison to the Berkshires, the mountains are, well, more mountainous.

Few People, Amazing Destinations
Lake Champlain, Ben & Jerry’s, Teddy Bears, covered bridges, incredible Americana at the Shelburne Museum, and a Frank Olmstead landscape design at Shelburne Farms. Vermont surprised me with how much I learned and loved here. 

What do you love about Vermont?
What did I miss? What should be on the itinerary for future visits?

Can’t see the slideshow? Click here.

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