100 MPH Teddy Bears

19 Dec

Vermont Teddy bear CompanyWhat goes 100mph and takes 12 minutes for completion? Why a Vermont Teddy Bear.

At the factory tour you learn that these cute creatures are blasted with stuffing at a rate of a hundred miles an hour. Shazzam.  And ouch, don’t ya think?

With more than 150 designs like angels and superheros, they actually have fashion designers who put together the ensemble for the bears, whether custom or catalog orders.

Fifteen people piece together the 20 parts of the bear using sewing machines. All labor is manual–nary a conveyor belt to be found. They do use a compressor…or two.

Paula and the Vermont Teddy BearBear Love
The tour is informative and sweet, and the care they take in creating the bears and caring for wounded ones is loving and lovely.

I still have the teddy bear from when I was a baby. No, not a Vermont Teddy Bear, but a testament to the value we place on these squishy stuffed animals with no innate value.

Do you still have a stuffed animal from childhood?


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