What Everybody Ought to Know about Connecticut

30 Nov

It’s not a big state–no news there.

It has the highest per capita income and median household income in the U.S. Maybe only a few folks on your trivia team know that, but it’s not something EVERYBODY should know.

By my standards what they ought to know is that for a small state seen as a bedroom community, Connecticut has some impressive destinations to make it worthy of a day trip while exploring New England. More than a day? Then you likely know someone there.

  • Mystic Seaport – Ahh, spectacular ships under restoration, enormous trees on site for the task, an anchor taller than my townhouse. Tug boats, why sailors have tattoos, why ships have figures of people on them. An old time port experience with doctor, post office and such. Hours, the whole day, two days? All depends on your particular interests.
  • The Clock and Watch Museum – Thankfully all in synch or I couldn’t have stayed even in this extremely cool and lovely  place. Pocket watches and cuckoo clocks, Grandfather clocks and time pieces for railroads. Beautiful and functional.
  • Mystic Pizza – of the movie fame. Not worth the stop. Sorry.

What did you explore in Connecticut?
What should be on my/someone’s itinerary for a return visit?


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