Whistle While you Work at the Ozark Folk Center

24 Oct

The Ozark Folk Center is a charming educational stop. Watch folks make paper, furniture and other such products in the ways of yesteryear. I’m not certain of the historic time period of yesteryear but it calls for clothing that’s hotter than we wear today and no electricity. So you see how things were done in the good ole days and then buy over-priced samples of their efforts. Cynicism aside, there were some fascinating moments.

Whistle While You Work
The ingenuity is inspiring. And the work ethic impressive. I wonder if their monotony is any different from that of ours today with data entry and call centers. Even if it is, I suspect they had a greater sense of satisfaction.

A Lifetime of Learning
What did I learn? About basket weaving – which is even possible with pine straw! The immense labor of weaving. And that spinning thread is mesmerizing.

The Universal Language of Song
The performers sang for us: it was both lovely and Hee-Haw-esque.

What role would you play in yesteryear? Would you be the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker?
Do you think craftsmanship was better then or now?


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