When you’re a Jet… A Tale of a Dragonfly Gang (sortof)

12 Sep

Dragonflies are no longer the frightening creatures of childhood. Back then I didn’t notice that they have different colors, vibrant and iridescent.

Do they have cliques based on color and breed? Can a petal tail befriend a darner? Or is it like the Bloods and Crypts?

Which bugs no longer freak you out?
Or the opposite–which now terrify you when once they were benign?

Can’t see the slideshow? Click here.

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Dragonflies, posted with vodpod

One Response to “When you’re a Jet… A Tale of a Dragonfly Gang (sortof)”

  1. Raye September 19, 2011 at 3:15 PM #

    As a child I was fascinated by chameleons. Lizards. Would pick them up and place them on another surface to watch them change colors. Can’t believe I did that. No more. A bug by any other name is still a bug…even if it’s a critter.

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