Tent Sweet Tent

20 Aug


Did you hear it? It was a physical AND an audible sigh because I just got a new Coleman tent. Specifically the Evanston 4 model. Evanston 4 tent

Why such fuss over a tent? Because it’s my home away from home; my Tent Sweet Tent. My former Coleman of many years was in excellent shape except for wounded rainfly poles; which turn out to be essential.

See, last summer I camped on the Outer Banks in NC and there was a storm. Gale force winds? I didn’t check, but it was intense and lasted for hours. At the time I didn’t have a smartphone so I called my safety adviser (brother Michael) and asked him to check Weather.com for how much longer this barrage of wind and rain could last. He smartly observed that the island was only a mile wide and the storm exponentially wider than that.

With the ocean on one side and the sound on the other, my tent took a beating. And not a drop of water came inside. (Go Coleman!) But the poor rainfly poles broke. It happens. So I ordered a repair kit and learned that neither I nor my earthy friend Torsti (who walked across the country, people) could put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Enter Coleman Customer Service who took pity on my inept handiwork and funny letters and replaced the whole tent, making an already happy camper an even happier one. Plus, the new tent has a magnificent bag that makes packing the tent so easy! No more Ikea bag for me!

How much do YOU love Coleman? I love them T.H.I.S. much!


2 Responses to “Tent Sweet Tent”

  1. Cori August 20, 2011 at 4:42 PM #

    I have always enjoyed your writing and this post is some of the best of your best. It not only makes me want to buy Coleman products, it also tempts me into thinking I might want to camp in a tent.
    Wait, that feeling just went wooshing by and is long gone once again. I feel much better.
    Still, your writing is spectacular and funny.

  2. Margo August 22, 2011 at 9:25 AM #

    Very nice!!!

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