Beartown: Is this Where Fairies Live?

28 Jun
Beartown broad view
Note: I didn’t take this pic. Flickr kindly fills in when mine don’t turn out.

When you pull into a parking lot and there are bikers (engines, not pedals), it’s a good sign. They go to the best places (perhaps I say that because I go to the same places they do…). Well, bikers love Beartown, WV and with good reason.

It sparkles with light yet stays cool. Ferns and moss are everywhere, enhancing the sense of damp but it’s more like a freshness than musty.

Life grows out of rock: a tiny foothold and we’re off. The rock is a life-form of its own with pockets and grooves plus enormity that contrasts the dainty ferns yet is so obviously its complement.

The space is still; no animals. Yet it’s also lively–there’s too much green not to inhale the growth. Perhaps there is life there: fairies would find it a delightful playground.

Beartown State Park

Please note: the photos in the slideshow of the boardwalk are from Flickr.

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One Response to “Beartown: Is this Where Fairies Live?”

  1. Mandi Block June 28, 2011 at 9:12 AM #

    I want to live there on one of those plant pedals by the trickling brook: wonder twin powers form of a dew drop!

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